Poem : Burnt Orange


Somewhere there is love
Burnt orange simmering low
Bitten through
And stepped on
But somehow still primary


When pulled into focus
And looked at closely
Oh yes
Still beautiful
Though maybe now green around the edges
That dangling love
Hung out to dry
And left there
Till seasons passed
Rotting on the vine


Those severed parts
Scarred and worn
Love’s wounded sacrifice
In this war’s world
The price is high
When losing is faced


Yet love’s great height
May be worth it all
Throw down the past pain and
bleeding bones
Of hearts gone wrong
Feel the sap rising
And climb again


14 thoughts on “Poem : Burnt Orange

  1. So my latest favorite quote…” never ever take your losses into the next game.” I heard this in a sports metaphor context. Not being a sports kinds gal I take it differently. Applies to lots of life situations. Food for thought.💖

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