Poem : Rings


Count the rings
The mounting miles curl round
Concentric circles
Piling on top of each other
With splintered sanity


Burning wings
Flying too close to the sun
All the disguises
Through life


From within to face value
Here to there
To nowhere


It is finally ahead
Years in the making
That place up ahead
Which is now
Filled with peace


Pick a poignant path
Walk with the next phase of your life
It’s fresh and clear
And will open new horizons


13 thoughts on “Poem : Rings

  1. Ah…my late 50’s and finding my poignant path. Parts of it what we thought it may turn out to be and parts of it wholly unexpected. Here’s to bravery and strength as we continue to add our “rings” 🌞.

  2. You got that right…and some parts maybe we didn’t really want. But all parts that may be hidden beneath the bark and make us whole in the end my love. And our beauty shines through as the rings continue to pile on! To bravery, strength and strong roots too! ❀

  3. This too is true…or is it? Is the path we are on always the right path because we are taking it? If you catch my drift…? One of those philosophical questions, eh? πŸ™‚

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