So here it is: the new computer! This time it’s a real laptop. I’ve been using a chromebook which is OK, but has major limitations, like it’s nearly impossible to print with it.

It was time to upgrade. This one is pretty sweet, despite learning Windows 10. Ugh. That has been a nuisance, but mostly because I am a creature of habit.

Currently I have a Comcast tech rewiring the cable. Yes, I know: I am a traitor again. Back to the evil empire. But the Verizon data plan, even with 18g
of data, is somehow disappearing. The whole router thing just didn’t work — I could never watch movies or YouTube without worrying about chewing up data. It got too annoying. My life can be too stressful enough now at work  (sadly), if I want to watch  a movie, then I don’t want to worry about data for goodness sake!

I’m free now. Honestly, I have no love for any of these huge companies. But every once in a while you may get a decent tech to the house  (my guy was a lovely man here from Haiti), or less likely,  a competent representative on the phone.  When you do though, it’s like a breath of fresh air. They really seem to care and speak like real humans, not computer drones. It makes me utterly grateful.

So now I will relax, watch what I want, listen to music and no more counting gigabytes. Just gonna chill.

Just chillin’

28 thoughts on “Chillin’

  1. hi, i like your Laptop.
    can you please share what are the configuration of your new laptop. Actually I am wanting to buy a new one, so it would be help from your side 🙂

  2. Automated phone answering, if you wish to speak to blah blah press 1, if you. blah blah 10, if you wish to speak to a human being press..

  3. Well, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by configuration? 🙂 It’s an Asus Windows 10 Laptop. So far I really like it. Very large screen (15″?), nice keyboard. Has Wifi. You have to buy Office 2016 separately unfortunately now–you can do it by the month, or in a package. I did that. You actually just get this card now (not a disc), scratch off a number and go to their website and follow the instructions. It was pretty cool. Let me know if you need anything else?

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