Poem : Forever Book Buddies


On this bench we sit
Together sharing a book
Bonding our friendship


26 thoughts on “Poem : Forever Book Buddies

  1. This is so true. Sadly I had to return one yesterday to the library unfinished. 😦 I’ve had so little time with this new job to read in a timely manner. My Mum said she will pull some off the shelf for me though and I may have to buy a few $1.00 books from the library book store!

  2. It is a bitter decision, put the unread ones back and get some new, or renew and run out before the end of the week… Why does life have to be so complicated??

  3. I had a kindle (well my daughter did) and downloaded it on my phone too…but neither never worked out for me. Guess my eyes didn’t work on for the phone….too small! Ugh.

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