Seeing Red

Today was a day of ‘seeing red’ as they say…


It started when two nurses at work today were the subjects of two surgeons unpleasant and mean behaviors today. The Doctor’s fire hot tempers flared, which is not unusual in an operating room, and they took it out on these two very nice nurses. The cone of energy built, their stress and bam–they blasted whoever was near!


The red eyes I saw after this uncalled for behavior made my heart hurt. It was a very sad thing as these two people have been very helpful and nice to me. I’m not sure why this is tolerated. One doctor did end up apologizing eventually–a big step for him. He’s blown up at me numerous times, but I’m way too below him to ever get an apology.


And then my manager found me helping these two very same nurses and felt that I wasn’t doing it the right way. Instead of politely explaining to me to do it her way, she did it in such a way, that I was flushed with the red heat of humiliation. It is never what we say, but how we say it after all…. There was no chance for me to even begin to explain my part. Put in my place like a child.


Finally, my own flush of frustration and the warm umber of perpetual misunderstanding speaking with Verizon service representative. Why must they just repeat the rote script and not really listen to what you say to them? They talk in circles…Gads I wanted to scream after the woman said the same thing about 10 times! Lady, I’m not stupid here…I heard you the first time. Are you hearing me? Red, red, red….


Red was the color yesterday…it was the symbol of Valentine’s day. Funny, but I didn’t celebrate that at all. Sadly I missed that red. Red is such a powerful color. Never given to anything lightly: love or well….the opposite. Red.


Someone once said to me: you can never be unhappy if you’re wearing red shoes. And seeing the world in rose-colored glasses, well is that good or bad?


Today I saw red a lot, but it wasn’t really good red. It was angry red, sad red, humiliation red, frustration red…


Maybe tomorrow it will be love red?



16 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. the good thing is…tomorrow is always a new opportunity to start over! 🙂 praying for you friend!

  2. It was better today in some ways. My friends got apologies from the doctors. I only got called into the manager’s office for more snipping. Oh well…such is life. I have big shoulders! 🙂

  3. I had a similar situation today. It hurts so much because you want to stick up for yourself but sometimes its wasted breath and you could just scream! sometimes its just better to let the water roll under the bridge. exhale! you are enough. tomorrow is a new day!

  4. its sad that our leaders arent always professional! mine actually came and apologized to me on thursday. karma karma karma….

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