If anyone got to close to my old fire chief, he used to shout: Bubble! This to mean you were getting into his personal bubble of space. His personal space was a pretty big circle around him and he wasn’t afraid to tell people to stay out of it– firmly actually. If we found ourselves drifting in it, maybe to look over his shoulder at his computer or something, we would be reminded by his sharp quip, to back off! Alrighty then…I certainly, got the message.

We all have different size ‘bubble’ circumferences. It may depend on where you are and who you are with at any given moment. My personal bubble in the past was always pretty small. I’ve always defined myself a pretty ‘touchie/feelie’ person, so am not afraid to give a hug or get up into someone’s face.

my day 7
Whoa! Way in my bubble lady!

But recently, with my new job, I’ve had to create this new insulated bubble in order to survive within my surroundings. The noise level, gossip, types of things that are said need to be filtered in order for me: 1) to simply do my work, and 2) to not be upset/annoyed by what I hear constantly. Plus music playing also!

It’s been an interesting challenge to figure out how to set up my brain/ears to hear just enough information necessary to do my job effectively and let the rest fall away. Oh and answer the constantly ringing phones! But I must say, this uses up tons of energy every day. By the end of it, I find my brain and head exhausted. The work itself is not that hard, but processing out the garbage takes massive amounts of energy!

It makes my ears curl!

As I have said: it’s not the peaceful environment I had hoped. But at least I’m learning a skill: the art of The Bubble Cocoon. It’s not quite the same as my ex-bosses idea, because I still don’t mind a hug now and again. But a properly placed bubble around ones self, the invisible shield, when desperately needed–can be a valuable tool in the life of slightly crazy working person (or anyone else who may need it for that matter)! It’s the only way I manage to survive. How about you?

Don’t come in my bubble!!!







11 thoughts on “Bubble

  1. Yep — i’m very protective of my self FINALLY — and it feels pretty darn good ! and doesn’t take away at all from my huggieness in the right time and space i’ll allow !

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