Stepping Back


Sometimes we are too close to something to have a good perspective. Being on top of a situation, job, marriage or similar part of our life, can distort how we judge our role within it. Stepping back can be impossible because we are actively living the part.


This is when it becomes so valuable to have someone in our lives to help us gain perspective. Someone who can help us take 10 giant steps backwards and really look at what we are feeling but may be having a hard time either defining or acting upon.

Find the seed

This go-to person or people we hopefully all have are the ones that usually can swiftly and succinctly point out all the things we may not be able to see or don’t want to face. That divorce you sense deep down has been looming, the job you know you really hate or the goodbye you need to say to someone who is no longer a friend.

We easily make excuses why none of these things make sense to do: the kids,  the money or hurt feelings. But your true friend will remind you that we live only once and happiness should be our ultimate  goal.


They help you see through the clouds and dark times and help give you hope. And when you finally realize they are right, they help you with the next phase of your life.


I’ve had many phases and been fortunate enough to be blessed with more go-to people than most. I’m not sure what I would have done without them in many cases. They are my voice of reason, the light in the storm and wind in my sails.

I only pray that I am the same for them.


12 thoughts on “Stepping Back

  1. Reminds me of a quote –
    ” His thoughts were slow. His words were few and never formed to glisten. But he was a joy to all his friends, you should have heard him listen!”, the ones that listen are worth getting to know all right 🙂

  2. Indeed. And thank you for listening my friend. I have been trying to be a better listener myself. Because of the way my brain seems to
    work, my mouth sometimes works faster than my ears. So I blab quicker than I should. Friends need sometimes for us just to be quiet and listen and shush…. 🙂

  3. Funny, we used to say that on the ambulance: as we were taking a patient out of the back and they’d get all nervous…I’d say: don’t worry, we only drop people on days that end in Y… Har har.

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