Photo : Ugh


Yes this is a photo of accessories for a new phone as my day started off by me dropping mine in the toilet this morning and finishing with spending almost 3 hours at a Verizon store. It wasn’t as bad as it could / should have been, but it still hurts. Grrrr. I broke down and bought insurance this time. Blah.


25 thoughts on “Photo : Ugh

  1. if you had turned off the phone after fishing it out of the toilet and placed it in a bag of rice to dry out for several days, it might have worked. but then maybe the lesson here is to not use/take the phone in the toilet? lol 😉 😉 😉

  2. Oh, I can relate! Mine fell into the toilet at the humane society (it was in my coat pocket), and died before my very eyes. What a fine thing that was to explain to the insurance company. But as the custodian told me at the time, “you know you HAVE to get a new phone, don’t you?” And he was right…..

  3. I felt like such a knucklehead Ann. Grrr. And it took over 2 hours, almost 3 at the store for some reason. But they ended up saving me money because I didn’t have insurance! Now I do. I hate getting it, but it’s not the first time something has happened to these darn phones, so I guess I have to. I guess dropping it in the toilet happens a lot! We’re not alone!! 🙂

  4. Were you able to retrieve your contact book? It happened to me once but fortunately, I saw in YouTube how to dry wet mobile phones. 🙂

  5. It’s a google phone so they were all there. Too many in fact, I will have to erase some. Yes, they say about the rice and all, but it also says, most don’t ever really recover. I guess if it happens next time I could try some things differently like not turning it on? But I have insurance this time! But in the end it doesn’t really save you that much depending on when it happens?

  6. I read all that about the rice, they say it rarely works. Actually, I wasn’t using it. It was just sitting on the sink!! Yes, my dear, hindsight is alway 20-20 for sure! Thanks for reminding me! 🙂 🙂

  7. Yes… One of the reasons I didn’t get insurance for my phone. Good thing the operating system of phones nowadays automatically backs up the contacts unlike before. 🙂

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