Good Pals?

Can you please fit me in??

Mondays, I’m learning, are particularly nutty at work. Every doctor tries to add on surgeries that weren’t done over the weekend, so the case load is huge. They call every 10 minutes (it seems) to see if their operation made it to ‘the board’–the two huge screens that show the real time cases that will be done that day, along with the ‘add-ons’. It can be maddening to tell them over and over the same thing! Hello? Did you not hear what we said the last time??

But this is not what I’m here to write about… Actually, with all the madness, a very nice thing happened. A gal that passes through near my desk asked how my weekend was while she was checking on something. I told her it was OK, but that besides seeing my Mom, it’s pretty lonely here having left all my friends behind. She then asked where I lived with the intention of asking me to get together. Turns out we lived far apart, but I thought that was so nice. It was the first personal gesture at work!


Another personal moment was taking my car to have my neighbor fix it for me. Acutally he was supposed to fix it at home yesterday, but he went fishing and forgot! It’s fine, he’s young and needs his down time. But I just drove it to the dealership where he works and he put it up on a lift and fixed it there today himself. He’s not even a mechanic–but he did it as a favor. I thought it was pretty cool. This was a big worry to me here, finding a trustwothy place to take care of my car. I mean, it’s not like the small town I was living in before, so I was nervous someone would take me for a ride (so to speak). As luck had it, he and his Mom moved into the apartment next door. He’s helped me out a couple of times, but this time I paid him! Maybe he can by some more fishing tackle!!

So some connections are happening. No friends really–not like home. I’m not sure what you’d call them? But things are growing and it’s good. Each time things like this happen, another part of me eases up. And eventually that one good pal will come along!

I’m looking forward to that day!

We’re pals!





45 thoughts on “Good Pals?

  1. You are kind and fun and a very interesting woman. It will not take too much longer before you find your good Florida friends… the meantime we miss you in our corner of the world….🌠🌟

  2. You know, I was voted class clown and most inclined to argue in HS. George Carlin did a whole thing about class clowns…about how
    it’s all about drawing attention to oneself. Maybe tis true? But whacky sense of humor is a good thing in my book. Laughter heals all!

  3. Its a good way to fit in, I moved about a lot as a kid and tried most of them..
    I am English, a whacky sense of humour is almost a birthright. I come from the land of Python πŸ˜€

  4. Hooray!! I was hoping….I know the Holy Grail by heart (and have taught my youngest to love it too). And I used to watch their show also. In fact, I was just looking it up on YouTube the other day!! The Twits… Once you get me started, there’s no stopping me….. πŸ™‚

  5. I love so many parts of this movie, I would have to send you the whole thing! Sometimes I watch parts of it just to laugh. Here’s a story…for years I had been telling my kids about it and acting out the parts. My friend had done the same. So one night, this friend and I decided to have a Holy Grail night with our daughters. We kind of acted out some of the parts, had props etc. The girls actually thought we were funnier acting it all out than the movie was…which was probably true! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh my goodness, me too. Funny how some people don’t see the humor at all. Guess it’s all just your taste. I loved Peter Sellers too and cried when he died… too soon. 😦

  7. Ahhh, my little yellow friend! I love the scene where he does this big bungle and a huge piano goes out the window and the woman says: that was a priceless Steinway. And he says: Not anymore! Priceless! (said of course with his fake French accent)

  8. Are both of these your pups? So sweet. The speckled one reminds me of a German Shorthaired Pointer that lived with us for some months. Loved her.
    p.s. They say it takes a year to start feeling settled. I think it takes much longer. And, making friends at this stage is quite different from when we were young, but not at all impossible.
    Hang in.

  9. No that one is my daughter’s little pup. She’s back in NH with her! My daughter had been kind of down and I asked her what I could do to help and she said let her have a pet. She asked for a ferret, but I said NO! I didn’t really think she would ask for a pet, but I figured a dog would fit in with our household because we already had 2 at the time….plus two cats. It was kind of nuts, but it turned out to be the best thing for her. She loves Tula so much!

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