Puzzle Pieces


Yesterday at work I hit a comfort zone for a bit. It seemed some folks were treating me like a clan member, definite walls are starting to lower as I become recognizable. A few atta boys (girl) by management and a general feeling of ‘ok maybe I can swing this’ washed over me.


And then pulling off my exit for home, it hit me — that feeling of familiarity! I believe it’s the first time I’ve felt it since I’ve been here. It’s all been so alien prior. But yesterday it felt almost normal: done with work and going to my little apartment.


Some things are still missing for sure like the go-to people and friends, but those kinds of friendships I build take time. I understand it could be a long time before that piece fits.


But I believe the puzzle is finally filling in. Bit by bit, a picture is beginning to form. It won’t be the same as the one that I had before or as the one that I might create in the future. This puzzle will be as colorful, complicated as IĀ  want and have the picture of where I am presently.


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