Waiting For The Miracle

Look deep inside the flower for it’s magic

Are any of you like me? Do you day-dream about the day the miracle will come into your life? Sometimes I feel I am so foolish as I sit in front of my meditation table and think about miracles…day after day, wondering, hoping.

I am hoping too Mommy

I guess we/I do this when there is something missing in our lives. It can be something we know is missing like for me, my birth family… Β My eyes close and the miracle dream starts to congeal where the email or unknown phone number appears on my phone and it’s that long-lost relative who has finally found me.


Or maybe it’s one of those miracles you’re not really sure about, but if it came to you then you’d know it was meant to be, because isn’t that what miracles are all about after all? That life-companion you’ve been waiting for, the one that the movies show you turn up in the most unlikely places (but really don’t)–the person that finally isΒ your best friend and is for real.


How about the miracle of waking up every day and being able to say: I can’t wait to go to work–I love what I do and I’m doing something worthwhile and important. Knowing that it’s not ‘just a job’ to collect a paycheck. Maybe someone you talk to, some ‘connection’ will notice your talents and simply say: hey, I have the perfect position for you…and you can just slip right into it without the trials and pains it usually takes.

Rainbows everywhere!

These are all personal miracles I know–selfish and needy. There are world miracles too that would take all the magic in the Universe to fix. I ask for these too….believe me. And I don’t forget the gratitude for the good things I already do have…


But once in a while, I just wish for a tiny bit more magic. That little spark that will ignite the unknown. Maybe some miracle I don’t even know I need. When life becomes mundane and routine, we must look for this glitter–see the potential behind the curtain.


And be unafraid to hope for our own miracles.

Sea-horse on land!

16 thoughts on “Waiting For The Miracle

  1. Maybe just don’t let “What ifs” and “I might get hurt” get in the way… If your heart says something follow and figure out as you go… I am no expert but the way my life have changed by following my heart I think being open to new ways of life,dreams,opportunities, love etc is the key. πŸ™‚ You might get hurt at times but other times you might get rewarded with more then you expect.
    Haha I sound like a philosopher! Hope for the best for you dear. πŸ™‚

  2. Whoops, sorry for the “re-follow”… I was scrolling down my mobile device reading this post and I inadvertently swiped the ” Following” image on the bottom while swiping up. Aaargh!

  3. I think we are ALL philosphers in our own ways! πŸ™‚ Yes, I have done all those things already. Keep open is the idea. A miracle might be just around the corner. We might not even know what we hope for sometimes I think. Thanks for your thoughtful reply! ❀

  4. The universe responds to our thought patterns, so if we are focusing on what we lack, we can’t attract more positive things. I do it too, and try to catch myself being negative. Daydreams are great! Try to stay focused on the positive and what you already have. πŸ™‚

  5. Believe me…I do. I do my gratitude prayers every morning during my yoga and think about the miracles that could come! Thanks for your lovely thoughts….. πŸ™‚

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