Poem : Fresh Fantasies

Luscious little licks lingering lightly


Dribbling drips do drop


Rain reins royally


Wet washing wells will weave wonder


Damp days drag dreary


Fresh fantasies fall from far away


6 thoughts on “Poem : Fresh Fantasies

  1. Love the whimsy of this piece. The photos are lovely too! I am still getting used to the different feel of the visual of Florida in your posts…..you do a great job of capturing your new place in this world……..💖🌴

  2. It is so different here!! I’m still getting used to it too, and not sure I ever will honestly. It has its own sort of beauty for sure, but I still miss the beauty of home! Thanks for your sweet words love. ❤

  3. Aw thanks sweetie! It’s just on my phone! The close-ups are impossible because I’m usually walking my dog and he’s pulling me so I can’t get them in focus. 🙂 But I do the best I can. The blog is a wonderful place to try out our meager talents. ❤

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