All The Players

The one quite interesting thing being at a new job is laying low and observing all the new players. And goodness knows in this new place there are quite a few! Working now in the Surgical Department of a fairly busy hospital, we have some interesting personalities. Between the surgeons, nurses, scrub techs, transporters, Xray people, the Reps and all the other folks who make up the team–well it’s a non-stop crew around my desk. I’m a front end person now, having ‘retired’ from my paramedic position. I figured I’d take a nice relaxing job…well, no that didn’t really happen. But it’s quite fun now not being a central figure and being able to sit back and watch the kids in the sandbox.


We have many very high strung types given this is a high stress environment. Making sure all the cases are booked and the procedure all go off as scheduled can be a nightmare. People call out sick, then OR (operating room) teams are short, doctors are late, cases get cancelled–tempers can run short! And some folks aren’t good at being Zen–just sayin’!

There’s lots of loud, demanding types and everyone wants their stuff done now! They don’t care that phones are ringing and someone else is talking to you. It’s actually quite comical to experience. Some folks have a great sense of humor (thank goodness) and some are just grumpy. Some seem always even tempered and can handle it all and some run around talking as though everyone is deaf.


Some doctors act like I’m a human being, but many like I’m a bug on the wall……which is fine by me, because at my age I know we’re all the same when it comes to bodily functions (if you know what I mean!! )


But the best part of this production is that I’m a brand new player. No-one knows my script yet, hasn’t seen me in any performances and have not read any reviews from ย my past shows. So I can be any character I want this time around. And the thing is: I learned from my last gig. It’s really good to sit back and just observe for a while. Get to know who’s who. This group is pretty transparent. I’m not going to make some of the lethal mistakes I made last time. It’s OK to be friendly, but not to be too involved. Don’t take part in the gossip (oh there’s plenty of that). Be kind, but not foolish. Say yes to things, but draw boundaries.


It’s time create this new me. Stay in my bubble. Let work be work–maybe find a friend eventually, but I will be careful and selective this time around. I have time to be the silent audience andย notย one of the players just yet. It far more amusing to just watch the production dance out around me and quietly laugh at the parts I find amusing….



16 thoughts on “All The Players

  1. It is usually difficult to be one of the “newbies”… The newbies sometimes get all the blame. Worst, since you’re a newcomer, you have to make friends anew to all your colleagues and be extra careful…

  2. That is SO true. I had definitely been put in a box before. Although I think that may already be happening in my new job before people even know me! People jump to judgements very quickly based on perceptions I’m afraid!!

  3. Today was particularly amusing! Down a crew and everyone wearing another hat. I got snipped at quite a bit today and made some big mistakes, but nothing bothered me! Tra la.

  4. Today was especially hard. We were short-staffed and I got left in a storm, so made some hefty mistakes. But hey, when they snipped at me, I let it roll of my back! I should not have been left on my own. I tried to pass info on to the ‘right’ people, but they were too busy running around like chickens to listen. Not my problem! And I’m laying low about making friends for now–just being cheerful in general.

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