Press On!

HR was useless….

So I’ve decided to follow the my heart and the signs…..


Today went a tiny bit better even though one of my training people didn’t show again today. I remained calm. Sure I made mistakes, but didn’t let it rattle me and the fellow that works with me was fairly calm.


So if I can believe in myself  and just not worry if I can’t figure something out, then I’ll be OK.


I’m going to hang in. Frankly starting all over again somewhere else is pretty unappealing in it’s own way too. The terrible creature of habit I am means that  I have already created a routine. My nature falls quickly into these routines and I cling to them.


So armed with a positive attitude, hope and encouraging people maybe I can give it a go. We all know nothing is perfect. It was more than I maybe wanted but I will be brave and press on!



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