I feel it’s been all about limbs recently…..


Today I went out on a limb and met with my manager and told her that I didn’t think that this job of two weeks was a match for me. Ugh, I’m not sure I’ve ever done anything like that before. But after much anxiety and cramps in my lower limbs this week, it was what I had to do. I explained that I really did not understand the nature of the job going into it–the very stressful and high pressure environment, so similar to what I just left behind…purposely!  How could I know?  I had applied for a completely different job, simply pushing patients around, but ended up being pushed into this one!

She felt my little limbs would not handle the other job… me being slender and small and the beds being heavy and hard to maneuver. And usually you can’t switch jobs right away.


But she was nice enough to call HR to see if it was possible to find me something else within the hospital so I wouldn’t have to leave altogether. I had an appointment today, but it got postponed until tomorrow. Fair enough.

If I walk in tomorrow and it’s a no go, then I suppose this tree was not the one for me to climb. I will have to branch out somewhere else. There are plenty of other forests to play in and paths to follow and I’m perfectly content to do so. Today was the hard day to drop the news to those depending on me.

But I have finally reached the canopy of my forest and my arms are stronger than most may think to hang on…so I will go out to the the smallest limb if I have to until I find my heart’s desire!



11 thoughts on “Limbs

  1. wow that’s so odd she thought you not physically strong – !! i’m just shaking my head at the thought of that !! your beauty shines through – in the beautiful way you considered this – and presented this to your work place– you are a wise woman beyond infinity

  2. I am following my instincts and the signs. HR was no help and things a bit better today. Co-workers encouraging…so I will chill a bit more and see where it takes me! 🙂

  3. Thanks dear. Well, they don’t know my history and I am physically small. But it’s fine. I’ve decided to stick it out for now. You will read about it… 🙂

  4. Well in the end I’ve decided to grin and deal for now. 😊 One job will be a lot like another until I can truly be out on my own. Just trying to smile my way through.

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