Oh Well

Some photos of my relaxing Sunday.




Sadly I have been worrying a bit about what I should do tomorrow about the new job. I feel in my heart it’s not a match and I’m no longer in a place in my life where I want to waste my days.




So I’ve decided to check in with HR and see if I can switch positions this early in the game. Another employee told me it’s usually after 6 months so it’s unlikely, but worth a try.

Otherwise I guess it may be ta ta and back to the drawing board for me!


13 thoughts on “Oh Well

  1. Yeah, I’m bummed honestly. I was really hoping this would work out. I was so happy to be employed finally, but this job is just SO not Zen. Ugh. Reminds me of my old job…no thanks. That’s what I had hoped to leave behind thank you very much. Noise, prima-donnas, stress, yelling, caddiness blah blah… I mean, I get some of it because surgery is HI stress. It’s not the original job I had applied for, so I kinda got pushed into this one. Hopefully HR will understand and let me slip into something more mellow. That would be too much to ask for… !!

  2. The trouble with Sundays is the anticipation of the Monday that is soon to follow.
    Good luck with HR, hope they sort you out with something less stressful. Life is too short..

  3. That would really be cool, but knowing a big corporations, I would be surprised! So then it will be onward and upward! And yes, life is WAY too short to feel the way I’ve been feeling…xo

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