Just A Good Day

Today was such an interesting day at work. So different from my first 3 days. I learned more of my actual job, sat at my actual station, observed ‘the group’ in all their glory, made some simple phone calls, spoke on the over head intercom, played on the computer and was generally was immersed. You could say that I began to peep outside my shell.


But my biggest triumph came as I was leaving work. It was unexpected and completely rewarding, and it made me feel like maybe the job will work for me after all. (Yesterday I wasn’t sure for a variety of reasons actually).

You see, I had left the building and was heading to my car in the parking garage when I noticed an elderly woman struggling in a parking lot walking with a walker. I approached her and asked if she needed any help. She was clearly distressed and relayed to me that she was trying to find her husband, who had fallen and was brought to rehab. She was lost and had no idea where to find him.

Now mind you, I have no idea where to find anything either, but I was determined to help! So I assured her that together we would find him and that she shouldn’t worry. She told me he was 92, that she was upset with his doctor, that her daughter was sick also. The poor woman was very nearly in tears.


So the next person that came along, I asked where the rehab center was and luckily it was right nearby. We walked together there, but the woman was sure it wasn’t the right place as she didn’t recognize it. But I convinced her to go in any way so we could hopefully figure out where her husband might be. Meanwhile she was getting very anxious and upset.

When we got inside, I explained the situation to the receptionist and she checked, but found he wasn’t there. Some of the volunteers situated nearby suggested that he may actually have been brought to the nearby nursing home from the description the woman had given. Rather than make her drive there to find out, we decided to call it, so one of the volunteers looked up the number on her phone and I placed the call.

Sure enough, the missing husband was there! She was relieved, but now we had to figure out how to get her there. After discussion (I didn’t know where it was), it was decided that the volunteer would go in the woman’s car and then walk back–apparently it wasn’t far. The woman was very happy, because she was pretty much at the end of her rope.

She thanked me profusely, which was better than any paycheck I could have earned today! And I thought that even though I’m no longer a paramedic, I still got an opportunity to help someone out. It was pretty cool. It’s in line with the hospital’s code of customer service too–so it was all good. All in all, a pretty satisfying day!



20 thoughts on “Just A Good Day

  1. Oh Ann, she was so sweet and so upset! Nearly crying. Really why I’m there is because I hope to have small opportunities like this one! It’s what I loved and miss so much about my job. 😕

  2. Yay!

    I’ve actually been having similar experiences, though not with people quite so old, at ski patrol.

    I’ve spent the last two days at Pats Peak, and I’m now an “official” patroller, at least in the medical sense, since I haven’t passed my skiing test yet, but part of my job is to be friendly and watching out for anyone who might need my help, so I’m often looking around and interacting with lots of people.

    Though today was quite busy, and I was on skis for most of the day. (A more typical day is like that of the fire station).

  3. This doesn’t surprise me as you are a very kind and compassionate person. Glad to hear you finally have your patroller. Wow that seems
    to have taken a long time! Have fun with it! 🙂

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