Behind And Ahead

New Years is a global gateway–a moment in time when the world decides a year has passed and it’s time to for something new to begin. Of course we as individuals celebrate our own renewed years with birthdays; these are more personal passages of time where we can reflect on our lives and hope for better things.


But with an entire globe throwing down a year, and humans at far reaches of the earth clinking glasses with resolutions in their hearts, we can communally look back and take pause at what has been.


Since as a people we are all so connected, whether we live in America or Africa, with images looming before us daily or words hammered into us repeatedly, we cannot deny what happens somewhere else. When a city is devastated by terrorists or famine, it is our own brothers and sisters that suffer on the other side of that screen.

As the atmosphere fills with acid rain and the atmosphere heats up from global warming, we all feel the drought or tsunamis that occur from the imbalance of Mother Nature no matter where we live.


Countries struggle to cope with refugees and with the man-made borders painted on this planet, they turn out some while others may enter. Many go hungry and babies die. Disease has become rampant this year and responses were slow to help.

Yes, these are only some of last year’s global memories. Not the pretty ones.  Ones that are easy to put out of our minds as we fill our bellies, go to our doctors, spend our money, turn on our air conditioning, drive our cars and hold our families close.

But ones we must not forget.


So what is ahead? What about our resolutions for the world? How do each of us promise maybe one thing at this special time we all share? This time where we all agree to a new start, a fresh beginning for something better. Maybe we can think not just of ourselves, but look into that photo we see on our computer or TV and remember: we are all related.

For the gift we give to another or the earth, is really one we do for ourselves.




10 thoughts on “Behind And Ahead

  1. Great one.. I’m impressed with your thoughts..Indeed the whole world is one, and we are all affected by what happens..True, whatever happens in life, we can always start again; we have to.. 🙂

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