Christmas 2015

As I lay in the heat of my tropical bed last night, listening for the jingling of Santa’s reindeer–I thought about how I just couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit this year. Not physically anyway. It just didn’t feel right somehow to drag what little I brought with me, and garnish my apartment, only to look out and see palm trees and feel 80 degree weather. Nope, does not compute as we used to say… The only thing that looks remotely “Christmas” are some cards sent to me that I did decide to put out.

Christmas past

So I thought about what defined this particular holiday for me, especially since I’m not Christian. I certainly have celebrated it, along with the other teeming throngs of stressed-out Americans. So I started to make a list, a list of what was missing this year that made it feel all wrong and why I simply let it slip by instead:


  • The mad wrapping of presents for my daughters, both as kids and when they were older, both with and without a husband.
  • My famous stocking stuffers, (which always included a whoopee cushion), each one wrapped and sometimes filled 3 stockings a piece.
  • A morning run or walk in the cold, maybe with snow–other neighbors bundled or shoveling.
  • Endless Christmas music in the stores.
  • Santa everywhere you went.
  • My friends.
  • Sending and receiving special gifts (money was tight this year).
  • Hearing The Messiah being performed.
  • Seeing The Nutcracker with my daughter.
  • Children everywhere.
  • The warmth of my home on a winter’s day.
  • Either a day off or filling in for someone with small kids.
  • The knowing that spring will eventually come.

These are some that were missing.

My wonderful home

I went for my walk here on Christmas day. It was strangely quiet. I imagined everyone inside with their families. It made me think about this global thing that happens today. It’s really quite amazing when you think about it. Everyone, everywhere doing the same thing.


Imagine if people could put that energy, the money spent, toward other things? Say even half of it. If there was a day, like Christmas, where the whole world concentrated on world hunger, or world peace, or global warming or violence against women or racism. If everyone took the energy they take preparing for this holiday, took the money they spend on it and put it towards one of these things…? What if….??

Do you think Jesus would mind?



22 thoughts on “Christmas 2015

  1. I don’t think Jesus would mind. 🙂

    It is 60 degrees here, so doesn’t quite feel like Christmas in that way for us either.

    But, this year, the kids have been very decided giving presents to each other, which has been great to see.

  2. I don’t think he would mind at all. In fact, I think he would be delighted that after 2000 years humanity finally stopped trying to twist him into a warrior god and took his message of peace and mercy to heart.

  3. God is in everyone, poor and hungry,or rich and well fed!Why should Jesus mind? In fact,he will be very happy about it all. I think everyone should think about it and spend at least a portion of what they spend for themselves and their near and dear ones, on people who need it! It is a lovely thought! Hope people pay attention.

  4. I’m an atheist but I love christmas time as it is a time of family gathering, holidays to spend more time with the family, gift giving, and lots of food and parties. I don’t celebrate christmas the way christians celebrate it. I celebrate it as the time of the year when I can have more time with my family. 🙂

  5. I lived in Hawaii for 11 years….and the tradition for the families over there was the big family picnics on the beach. One young man told me that he decided to go to college in Colorado because he wanted to go somewhere different from Hawaii. But then, he got extremely depressed at Christmastime. He said it was awful. Christmas day was freezing cold, snow was everywhere, and everyone was stuck inside. There was no picnic on the beach, so he said it just did not feel like Christmas at all! 🙂
    So he decided to come back to Hawaii and finish college at home.

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