The Choice

After much agonizing and soul-searching, I’ve decided to go with the first job. In fact, I’m not even going to the second interview tomorrow. I’ve had wonderful advice from my dear and devoted friends, and my heart has whispered to me too.

We must listen: both to our heart and our friends! Both can know our souls when our brain may not. When we are quiet and don’t rush, the answers can come. This is growth for me, as I used to make many decisions hastily and without consideration. These came, often, with deep regrets as their hand-maidens.


So, after balancing, I’ve realized these things: my best furry friend would be miserable after 12-hours of me being gone, even if I could run home briefly to let him out for a quick bathroom run. It simply is not fair to him and he is important to me–he is family after all. He made the sacrifice, leaving his home faraway to come all the way here, so now I must do what’s best for him too.


Plus the first job is considerably more pay because it carries more responsibility (which will be cool) and started out with such good karma! The staff was so great and kind and saw my worth and recommended me for the better job immediately. This is the place I should be. The second position had some negative karma and the patient contact is really minimal–nothing compared to what I’ve been used to as a paramedic.


It’s the right choice–I know this to be true. So I will start the New Year with joy and excitement. Some trepidation too, but soon I will settle in and be rolling along feeling comfortable in my new position!


Thanks for all your support!!


8 thoughts on “The Choice

  1. Thanks so much. And I can always switch positions within this hospital too after a bit. After asking many locals, many say this is the more ‘laid back’ place. And that fits my personality more!! 🙂

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