Joyful Noise


Walking tonight I had the good fortune to hear young voices raised in joyful noise. Big whoops and yelling when a goal was made. It was a beautiful thing and made me smile delivering back to rivalries of my youth.

This kind of competition and testosterone is so healthy and good. Sports have always been a meeting place of people from different places to come together and use their muscle and might but not in a way that brings purposeful harm to the opponent.


Instead athletes come together after hard work and training, to compete in a spirit of something altogether different. It’s something that shows human strength, pride and even a stubborn fierceness but it’s intertwined with grace, humility and usually good sportsmanship.

The Olympics is the supreme example! Olympic athletes try to erase the hateful divides that may separate them from one another. Rather they come as sculptured emissaries for their country to win a peaceful war.

If only all wars could be won this way. And the cries heard were those of cheering crowds rather than of mothers who have lost so much.



2 thoughts on “Joyful Noise

  1. Yes sports is sports and is played with a team spirit, irrespective of the race or religion of the participants. That is how our lives should be too! If only…..

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