Poem : Frightened Future


Given the chance
Would we look through to tomorrow?
Peering with ponderous thoughts
Of what’s waiting


Those flaming questions
We burn to know
Hidden behind the clicking of time


If we could climb across moments
And shed light upon our frightened future
Always hiding and keeping Herself
Just out of reach


Would we take that glimpse
Round the corner of fate
Whose kept His back firmly turned
Toward your face


Or do we instead
Simply stand in one place
And accept our lot
Being only in the tiniest second

For if we knew tomorrow
Maybe we would not leave


7 thoughts on “Poem : Frightened Future

  1. I watch the news and I don’t know where the world is going.
    It doesn’t look good.
    I don’t know if I want to look and see the future or not.
    Maybe better to simply smile now, and hope somehow that common sense prevails.

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