When It Rains…

There have been times in my life where I have felt like I’ve been on a ship that keeps taking on water and I’m unable to fill the buckets to keep it from sinking. I saw the life boats around me, and maybe I even grabbed one and drift on it for a day or two–but somehow I always seemed to end up back on the ship, slowing sinking below the unknown.



Luckily, those days are long gone. Partly due to circumstance, but mostly because I consciously decided to get off that unseaworthy vessel. It was time to put Her to rest and walk on terra firma!

Once that was decided and I shook off the dark and gloom that had surrounded so much of my life, events began to change. Not only did I see the world as a brighter place, but the tide of my life actually became gentler, more beautiful and bountiful. It’s all in how we decide to pass through this world and craft we chose to carry us.

Today was example of this bounty. So much serendipity was at play today, only explained by the act of some joyful spirit!




I’ve been applying for jobs for some months and had an interview for one back in October but never heard more. In the mean time, I’ve been madly putting in applications. Today I had another interview at a hospital (the other one wasn’t in one). After the interview had been scheduled, I still put in a couple more apps to that hospital as they seemed ‘receptive’ to me.

My first stop was HR, where a blustery gal simply told me about salary and benefits, then sent me to the OR about a second application I had put in there. So actually, there were two positions I was eligible for in this hospital, both kind of the same, and both ‘foot in the door’ type positions.

A very nice gal, an RN I believe, showed me the way to a conference room while we waited for a big wig (I believe he was one of the Docs). Another very nice RN came to wait with us. As we chatted, they both came to the conclusion that my talents were going to be wasted on the job I had applied for and ran to get the head nurse so they could recommend me for a better and more responsible position within the OR.

Honestly, I was honored and flabbergasted. It was like all my wishes and hopes suddenly came together in that one moment. The Big Cheese RN interviewed me, as did the Doc when he finally arrived, and the final decision was that the team needed me for this primary role! So HR was called immediately to change everything around. Truly, I was almost brought to tears.


HR told me they would call me. So I walked back to my car, quite elated thinking about how I almost did not apply to the second job in the OR! When I turned my phone back on, there was a call from the job from October–I knew it most likely was an offer at long last. Which it turned out to be.

When in rains it pours.

So now–what to do? Not long after I got home, HR from the hospital called to offer me that position for sure! I took it! Better money, better place and using my 20 years in healthcare. Plus it was all just so….meant to be….

Even if the other job had called just one week ago, or maybe even days ago, I might have been inclined to take it. But they called while I was in the interview. And those amazing women saw my worth–something I have not felt in a very long time! Why wouldn’t I want to be among those sorts of people? It was such an incredible feeling: like I’ve been saying: karma.


Now the HR hoops to jump through: pee in a cup, prove I’m not a criminal, getting vaccines because I’m too old to show that I really had the mumps etc., buy scrubs–but nothing compared to the raft I’ve been on. That turbulent sea of job hunting, riding out the waves of refusals and applications.

Instead I can be prepared to step onto the shore and face the new horizon. And with my sea legs I am ready to walk on stable ground. And with the ups and downs of not knowing, maybe the “sea sickness” will eventually be gone too!






15 thoughts on “When It Rains…

  1. I am so happy for you!!!!! What a splendid day. When we are ready, what we need finds us. May all the magical things you are opening yourself to find you …..Blessings 💖

  2. You’ve been through a lot, beautiful story (now live is beautiful…bountiful). Did you pee in the cup?

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