Lately I’ve been trying to perform a little experiment to try to get some interesting photos. Normally, on my walk every morning, I see a trove of squirrels dancing and playing about, often running in my path. Following the lead of some fellow walkers, I’ve been carrying peanuts to lure them into some new and interesting antics, hopefully to catch with my lens.

But alas, it seems as soon as I have this great idea, they all remain in the trees, chittering and scolding me, refusing to come down, or I see none at all for days in a row. Β As in life, it seems the more we want something, the less likely to have it as circumstance puts up walls to block our way.



I’m transported back to my dating days, hot on the trail for love and the perfect soul-mate. Willing, at times, Β to do just about anything to grab this ghostly image that seemed to have drifted in and out of my life. I would create a new me, better and more full of light–and post it out there time and time again for the world to see.

But sometimes fate has it, that an open hand may only let things fall through, much like grasping at water and trying to hold on to it. And yet, there are those that instead ride on a plane and find a 30 year marriage with the person seated next to them without looking at all. It’s purely destiny one might say.


Tomorrow I walk into another job interview. It was my hand that typed on the computer and entered the application and that will shake the hand of the HR person. That grasping hand. But it will be kismet too that brings others to the pool of applicants to be interviewed.

This does not mean we do not try to change fate the best we can. Wearing my best smile and carrying with me confidence, I will try to bend the corners of circumstance so that only I am left in the room.

And I left a peanut for that sassy squirrel, so the next time he sees the crazy lady shaking the bag, maybe fate will give me my photo when I see him again.



10 thoughts on “Circumstance

  1. I hope you get the job as well as the antics of the squirrels very soon! As you said, the more you try to grasp something, the more it slides out of your hands, so let go, may be it will come on its own when it feels like doing so!

  2. At first I was very anxious to get a job, but I have been doing just as you say for the last month or so. Worrying and fretting can’t really change the outcome anyway. Thanks for your well wishes!!

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