Poem: Rain



I  walk anyway

Overdressed, battened down umbrella

Ping tapping  my shoulder

Not many others out

Squirrels square dancing

I dodge puddles pondering

Once laying shipwrecked in bed

Booming claps surrounded my craft

Hunkered deep down among the heavenly hull

Riding out the storm in stuttered slumber


Childhood cabins damp and cool

Slanted sheets upon shuttered cloth

We sat indoors like prisoners

And read our books

Ticking pittering to play outside


Turned up dirt earth soil

Smells of pulsing plants

Freshly washed and finely fed

Muddy puddles splash splendid fountains

Walk home wet

A baptized rat drowned in the rivers of coincidence


Holy water

Fall upon me

Run through my body

Create who I am

Moist wet me

I am




8 thoughts on “Poem: Rain

  1. Well, I take all my photos on my phone, and I could have taken video, but I only have the free wordpress account. Last I knew I couldn’t downlowd video. But I could have done it on my Instagram! Too bad!

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