Poem : The Unknown


Tears dappled before me
On lime greenery
Waiting in that thick wet heated air
Moist fog ready to lift
You will dry
Evaporating as the thoughts in my head


Some may land on the sidewalk
Love tossed aside unnoticed
Until someone looks too closely
And there it is:
Maybe faded or just settled
Laying quietly


It’s the last drop
Wrung from so deep
Hanging on for dear life
Holding the world in its circle
Mine, it’s mine
Dripping down the endless abyss


The landscape of dreams
Entering this place of who knows where
Urging onward towards corridors of light
Sweet shadows beckon endlessly


And the blood red veins pump life
And the round wet tears fall
We lick our wounds
We wipe our tears
And we move on into the unknown


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