Goodbye To The Princes

I wish someone would write a novel about me, the kind of woman I am and the life I lead. Recently I’ve been reading lots of novels, mostly new, many best sellers or by best-selling authors, lots of them women. They surprise me.


Since I’ve had so much time while I’m unemployed, it’s given me time to indulge in one of my guilty pleasures of reading. My preference is usually novels, although I do occasionally hear about some other book that I should read: a self-help book or something. But usually, I pluck one off the shelf like a ripe pear in the veggie aisle, going on nothing but the few words on the jacket. And when I bite into the pages, I hope to be transported into another world, hopefully one that either has some meaning to me or paints a picture in my head.


What I have been surprised by is the theme of man/woman relationships in so many of these novels. While many of them do have interesting sub plots, they always seem to manage to thrust in the usual ‘happily ever after’ crap of my childhood. I’m quite surprised and also put off.

In 2015 one would think these authors, the women, would have gotten over making the world seem like around every corner there’s this perfect man waiting for us. Gag. I mean, these books really read like this! This poor lonely gal or this self-sufficient woman suddenly finds herself right next to this prince charming at a funeral or after the 17 years she’s been pining after him. Seriously? Get over it.


Can’t these authors have strong women characters without making it seem like they all need to wind up with some guy? Nothing against men or even relationships between men and women, but not everyone feels the need. So why do all these books seem to feel the need to make sure this is included? Do they feel they will lose an audience if they don’t?

I’m sure the books are out there and I’m just not finding them yet, but so many just seem to be this way. Yes, I know I’m in the minority here so I guess if you’re writing to make money then you have to write to get people to buy. But sheesh people, let’s get creative here and realize that there can be strong women characters that get through life just fine alone. And they can be interesting, captivating and worth writing about without any prince getting in the way.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye To The Princes

  1. I’ve been delving into fantasy lately because I had read that is where the strong women characters are. I stumbled across a copy of Elizabeth Moon’s “Sheepfarmer’s Daughter” at a thrift store and it was good. Now I’m reading the 2nd one in the series and it’s not quite as good, but still strong female character.

  2. Yes it’s true, fantasy can have a lot of strong women characters, but they also can have the same theme running there too–as I’ve read a lot and love fantasy myself. Not always, but sometimes–the man/boy lurking around that she ends up hooking up with or needing help from. I don’t mind it if it’s relavant, but not if it’s just to sell a book. That becomes disappointing.

  3. hi lovely — yeah – agreed — you’re an incredible writer — hint hint — i’ve been tossing around the idea just a little bit if writing – would need to start w/ very short stories – but maybe — a delightful friend just published her first book – i’ll share the website just cause she’s amazing, and i’ve read about 2/3 of her book – and it’s amazing too – — love you

  4. I will check it out…please let me know who this is though because your comments always come in as ‘anonymous’ so I have no idea which one of my wonderful friends this is?? Thanks

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