Is My Dream Coming True?


Today blooms into a new day and with it hope and expectation! After I left my Mom’s apartment last night about 8:30 last night, I heard the familiar ping of my phone. It means either a text or email, so slipping behind the driver’s seat, I checked. It was from one of the jobs to which I had applied saying I was one of the final applicants and I had been selected for an interview!

It was rather interesting that this email would come through so late at night, especially given that it was for a municipal job as a Park Ranger for the city where I now live. I had until Monday to call. It was so exciting.

I’ve been applying to many, many jobs so far, but this one was really one that I hoped I might have a chance at getting. From the time I was in college actually, I’ve dreamed of being a Park Ranger. Of course, I always pictured it on the Rocky slopes of some western Park, but this is perfect for my “second half of life” ranger dream.

The job would be perfect for me now, giving me the right mixture of autonomy, fresh air, time with the public and use of my emergency skills. Sometimes we have to wait a long time for dreams to come true.

As always, I have to try hard not to get overly excited, because we all know, it’s only the interview. There may of course may be better qualified candidates. But it’s a start–and finally I feel my gender and age won’t be a factor against me, in fact it might even help! Hopefully they will feel that way too.

That along with my glittering personality and I’ll be on my way to all the reasons I moved here in the first place! 🙂



12 thoughts on “Is My Dream Coming True?

  1. Best wishes to you! Put your intentions out into the Universe and see what comes back to you!! Best part of second half of life is you (we) can chase those dreams.

  2. Oh believe me, I sit at my meditation area and ask all the spirits and deities, Goddesses/Gods, fairies and Fairy Godmothers to help me on the path where I’m meant to be! If this is it, then so mote it be. 🙂

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