City Squirrels

Walking this morning I passed by some frolicking squirrels. They are particularly friendly because there is a woman that feeds them peanuts. She has a pitbull that loves to sit below the tree that they climb and stare up longingly hoping they will come down for a visit. He’s very still and patient. But the squirrels seem to know better.


Because of the peanut lady, they are overly bold and my dog liked this too. But he is neither still nor patient and wanted to charge right after them! So getting these photos was a challenge. Maybe I will bring peanuts too when I go for the walks myself.

There is much alien wildlife here compared to where I used to live, but squirrels are familiar, their antics and screeching at each other when they are annoyed about something. It’s quite comforting compared to the skittering lizards and the hanging spiders which are everywhere.

The birds have been a combination of new and old and apparently my hummingbird feeder probably won’t produce any visitors until March. That’s fine…I can be patient.

For now I will relish the antics of gray squirrels near my house and be comforted that they are creatures I know, even with their city boldness!



6 thoughts on “City Squirrels

  1. Nice to see you made it to some warmer weather! All the best for you going forward. Just think, you won’t have to shovel any snow!!!!!

  2. we have what we like to think is a family of squirrels in our garden who we feed everyday. The neighbours are not so thrilled as their dogs go mental as hte squirrels scamper along the wall

  3. We don’t see many here in the desert. At the park today my dog wanted to go after the gray critter with as much gusto as he goes after lizards. But, his leash and my arm stayed intact & the squirrel went on his merry way. Glad you’re warming up to your new city 🙂

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