Photos : Father









The day started off stressful, sad and painful. Gosh I almost wished I hadn’t moved and felt like the awful tortuous days at work of mean people being unkind and selfish were  going to simply just follow me here.

But with the support of a couple of sensible friends and realizing that I needed to stop upsetting my mother with stuff and that there are simply self-centered people everywhere, I was able to get out of my funk, press on with my tasks and have some utter joy.

Father tree was the first step in helping me get a grip. The grandeur and strength in which this silent beauty stood showed me we must all endure what comes at us with grace in order to grow into something fine and steady.

One would not think that spending hours and hours at the department of motor vehicles would actually be pleasant, especially when I had to go home and come back because I forgot the title for my car!  But because I had decided to be pleasant and was chatting with the woman, she let me come right to her when I got back! No lines, no waiting! I could have kissed her. But instead I filled out a survey and said good things about her.

Then I took my dog on a walk and talked along the way with the cutest kids. One little boy was probably four and just kept jabbering with me. He was a doll and made my heart light. Said he used to live in Mexico. His mom was walking ahead with his little sister, also a cutie, and mom kept looking back at us and smiling. I love living here where it’s culturally diverse and kids abound.

When I got home my new next door neighbors were signing their lease. They seem very nice. My landlady brought me a peace offering after this morning’s fiasco. I remain skeptical but was polite. I guess I won’t be evicted yet.

Then to top off my lovely neighborhood, I was unable to remove my old license plate. So I asked the son of the guy next door if he had WD40. He got it and then proceeded to spend like 20 minutes or more trying to get it off. What a peach. He wouldn’t take any money either. Nice kid. All I could offer him was paramedic skills if got hurt -he said he might just have to take me up on that some day.

All I know is that I lived in my old house for 9 years and some of my neighbors never even spoke to me until I got ready to move! Ah well, different life style.

So the day was recovered. Many things are being checked off the list. Except the big one. Will start that once my Verizon router gets here. No more Comcast. And the big one?


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