Photos : Florida Or Bust Day 2





The day dawned bright and sunny so I had hope! But that rapidly deteriorated when I discovered my poor puppy was pretty sick today. The vet had recommended a different canned food for the trip which was supposed to be good for upset bellies. I should have known better than to change his food as it flew against everything I had read about traveling with pets!

If you are sqweemish don’t read on…as my first indication of trouble was a mess on the hotel carpet (which I cleaned ). I don’t feel awful about it as they charge a $100 pet fee. Then we had to stop frequently and inbetween stops I was catching vomit (most in a towel after the first time). Try that driving down the highway at 70 mph!

So I cut today short and I pulled into a hotel to use Yelp to find the nearest pet friendly one. Luck would have it they were –or so I thought until I went in and the guy said no. Apparently it was Florence AZ not Florence NC that was and Yelp got mixed up.

But we found a place 6 miles more south but ended up standing outside our room while it was cleaned which I still can’t figure out because the place was deserted.

The upside to the day was that I had Chinese food delivered so my dog could have rice mixed with a little wet food. An old standby for a bad tummy. I’ve been starving myself not wanting to leave the pets and had to have a  $10 minimum order. So win win!

I am hoping we can make it there tomorrow. But I don’t know. Wish us luck.


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