The Life Guard


Everyone should have a life guard. 

Imagine if you knew there was someone at all times someone guarding you from making your life blunders. Those idiotic moves that you look back on and come to regret. The ones that others so graciously continually remind you of at every chance they get just in case you may have forgotten.

Some feel they have those life guards I suppose. It may be in a higher power guiding or protecting them; maybe watching over them, their guardian angels. Maybe they come when they need them most or are enveloping them at all times in a shimmering shield of white light. Or maybe it’s a human like a friend or family member protecting them in real physical way.

Most of my life I have not felt so lucky. I’ve not felt chosen either by ethereal beings or human ones either. At times I had hoped for a strong sense of family to help make me feel safe and guarded or to show me the way through the convoluted paths of life.

For years I had recurring dreams of being lost in a huge city. Something would be chasing me, in and out of scary buildings and I would have no sense of direction. I was always alone, no sherpa, no vision, no grail.

I’m better now and have taught myself how to navigate my way through life and most times I manage pretty well. But there are times where I do feel a bit like the sense of my path or destiny is foggy up ahead, and that a decent docent showing me the way around the territory wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

And certainly when the giant pools of quicksand or the pulsing volcanoes up ahead and the swirling whirlpool I’m about to step into– that a life guard would be a wonderful addition to my merry trek. But, alas, so far no-one has joined my trip.

So I suppose I will keep putting one foot in front of the other, more carefully now that I’m older, but still with a sense of adventure in my step–and keep walking forward all by myself.



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