Poem: Rock Of Hatred


Humanity leaves the mark of a dark soul

left right alone leaving marks

in damp dimpled sand

A crazed shooter

entering The House — a circle mandala

Unbeknownst witnesses praying to a God

who needed more entrants

Into His beckoning home

The solid rock of hatred

seems broad hard and unbreakable

But it too turns to bits of earth and dust

pushed by one tiny stick or shovel

Held by hands of love

Broken down bits and pieces

of raindrops and dew

The solitude of misunderstanding

furrowed into fields of friendships

Bringing beauty

Not blood

Causing community

Not division

So one day we may all walk

In one another’s shoes


2 thoughts on “Poem: Rock Of Hatred

  1. The devastation in SC has left me quite shaken. I didn’t sleep well. The continuing violence around the globe is sad and shameful. Today I read through some of the Pope’s encyclical–while I am not Catholic, nor even close to Christian, he speaks a powerful message of unity and global understanding.

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