Poem: Another Simple Day


Luscious lingering longing

Follows the heart

—–no matter where we leave it

On our sleeve

Encased in thick double lined walls

—no amount of aspirin will clear out

Spring is about

—-blooming bursting beaming

Who is carrying the seed

—of doubt within their honeycomb shell

Hiding hiding

Behind the smells of beauty

—we walk

——-amidst wild wonder

With fluttering fear seeping through our weary veins

Still we smile

Plastering joy with color dancing all around

It will come

As we move through fairy mists

—–becoming the fey

Leaping dancing

—-out of depths of dark

Tiny bits of flowering faces

—-looking to the sweet spring sky

And life, maybe life

–can just flow simply on

Another simple day.


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