Karma Baby


Not everyone believes in it, even if we all can relate to the cute little sayings like: “Instead of ‘Have a nice day’ I think I’ll start saying ‘Have the day you deserve’ You know, let Karma sort that s$%t out”.

Yes Karma. I wonder about it a lot, and what’s my Karma. There are many who also believe (me included) that we create our own realities: positive attitudes create positive lives–and the opposite. But can we really beat Karma? Sometimes I wonder.

I’ve worked very hard in the last years to create a positive life; with meditation, eating well, yoga, exercise, trying to be kind and grateful. And yet, many things just don’t seem to go my way. This does make me wonder.

I started out in this world as a baby, with no real consciousness about Karma or how to be positive or how to create any particular lifestyle. And when I was 18 months old my family walked away from me. Why do these things happen to a particular human? What lesson does that particular human learn from such an act, and the ripple effects afterwards that set you on a path for the rest of your life.

Much of my life seemed to follow a particular pattern of ‘aloneness’.  I have flipped this pattern inside out and looked at it from all sides. Did I chose it, or did it chose me? Is there a past life Karmic experience that landed within my spirit that hovers around me? Even when I do my best to shake being alone, it comes running back like my best friend.

Many of us may look at continuing patterns in our lives and wonder why they keep playing out when we may do our best to break them. Are they stalking us because of Karma? Or are we just not reading enough self-help books on how to make the best of this life?

I suppose I will keep going forward toward an unknown future. It may be cloaked in a destiny that one may call God or one may call something else like Karma. If I can create my own destiny, I sure as heck want to try, but some days I feel like that rainbow trout swimming up that flooded river. And maybe it’s just life telling me that it’s my Karma to be right where I am.


6 thoughts on “Karma Baby

  1. That was a very touching and thought-provoking post. Thanks for sharing it, and all the best to you as you move forward! On a lighter note, I think I just might steal your idea about telling people, “Have the day you deserve!” I kind of like that……

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