Poem: Sensing Tomorrow


As fire burns

and urgency yearns

Everything’s wrong/nothing’s right

Changes leap

——–disturbingly from the swamp of muck

And mess up scenery

You lose your way

Those familiar geologic landmarks

——–pitfalls down into dark trenches

unfamiliar territory

Acting like an actor from a circus

——passing through a new town

A clown

—–with a smile plastered on your face

———–and that tear

When will it break apart?

Explode express shatter

——into wholeness

The tiny pieces bits and parts

Shifting sifting into

The bigger picture

Waiting wondering

—–shades of night over moon happy skies

Eyes piercing glittering dreams

—-walking down rain drenched roadways

———-smelling yesterday

Sensing tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Poem: Sensing Tomorrow

  1. Oh thank you so much. I am very insecure about my poetry. I love writing it and trying different things. I love poetry, but don’t feel I have the knack for it!

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