Wonderful Futures


Trying to sell your house and keeping it ready for showing is like being in one of these limbo phases of one’s life. Like when you’ve filed for your divorce, but you haven’t moved out yet; or you’re 8 months pregnant and counting or you’ve got 2 weeks to go to finish up your old job before you start a new one. It’s a sort of purgatory….

These times are especially hard for me–these in-between times. I don’t do them very well. I’m much better at living my life in the now, in the known routine of my every day steps of my OCD life! When unknowns lurk ahead, it’s hard for my inner self to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Because I’m a planner, I start planning for every possible outcome and my brain very quickly becomes overwhelmed. Sleep eludes me and not only do the wonderful futures dance before me, but it’s in my nature to plan for all the catastrophes too. Hey, why not? Be prepared!

Eventually my house will sell. I can’t control it of course–I can’t only make it look as presentable as possible. It’s priced way too low, but that’s the market now. My hope is that someone will love it as much as I did. And when it sells, I leave behind so much.

During this gap of being still here, but going somewhere else, interesting things are already happening. Some people I never expected to reach out and help are stepping forward. Others who I would have thought would be by my side every step of the way have disappeared. My joy and excitement to live near my mother again grows daily. This is so fascinating to me and I can’t wait to explore the depth of these feelings.

The waiting game is not one I play well. Patience is not one of my virtues. But these are two things I attempt to do while living a normal and happy life in the meantime. So as spring time continues to burst forth, I can only wish some hopeful person or couple sees a dream in my home just as I did years ago. And this will set me out of limbo into my new world of wonders.


6 thoughts on “Wonderful Futures

  1. Well, it could be soon. The second couple through loved it. They are talking to the bank. They may not get financing, but if they do, we may be in business already! Who knows….???

  2. Trying to practice patience. It’s not within my control…so just being happy with whatever comes along. I’m pretty hopeful because both couples through have loved it and the second one is trying to get financing!

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