Poem: Barren Memories


On a lonely day 40 years ago

A caravan left

And forgot to take me

It took a trip far away from home

Pioneers in modern wagons

Pitching all that was old

Winding away from forests, fields and family bonds

I stood alone

Upon barren memories

My possessions gone along with the trails of dust

Those 40 years passed just as I turned around

Life grew around me

Sprouting an array of boxes filled with photos

My life

Mostly lost to those who migrated

But now

As I stand with graying hair and antiquated anguish

My eyes look down the same roadway

Traveled those years by disappearing kin

In the distance

I see a form

It beckons me on

To take the trail and follow


So on ahead will the pathway meet

Mingle past and present

And regain what’s gone

The two that stand together

Once apart

Now till death’s road be bound



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