Dare I Hope?


More hopeful day…here are some good things that happened:

***For those of you following my H&R block saga, I called the main customer service number for them and I will have some resolve. The woman I spoke to said she had never heard of anyone being charged such an exorbitant amount of money to have their taxes done! So she set me up with an appointment somewhere else and we will do an amendment to fix it. Also, they set up a case number on that particular branch so I may file a complaint against them. Someone will be calling me to investigate my claim. Hopefully they will find others who have been gouged the way I was and close them down!

***My yoga/meditation room seems to have stopped leaking for now. While it doesn’t smell too great (and won’t until the rug comes up and we repair it), it was dry enough to actually do yoga in there today! I sprayed it will a bit of fabreeze and perfume and it was tolerable. It was joyous to be back in there none the less.

***It was warm today (in the 30’s!!), so I was able to get outside and knock down some of the major icicles on my roof! This was very hopeful. That was so worrisome–they were huge and I was so afraid they would pull the whole roof down. I saw a 30 degree day in next week’s forecast—dare I hope the end is in sight??

***I spoke with some friends today (a new one too) so that is always great on a winter day.

***Contemplating the future…hopeful and happy. Good days ahead.


9 thoughts on “Dare I Hope?

  1. Great to hear that you were able to do yoga today at home. I did, too, in my living room. The next couple of days in New England may be cold again, but the day light hours are getting longer. Spring will come. May you be well.

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