Poem: Brambles

20150218_07532720150218_075327_20150218112324032 (1)

Sometimes the tangled mess we make of our lives

Feels prickly and thorny

And waking up in the middle of the night

To moments that have slipped out and are gone

The ones we would love to grab and stuff back into the box of time

Walking backwards down the tunnels of our darkened past

But no!

It’s the light we see through the mass of thoughts

That rattle around endlessly

Knocking on the inside of our chests

Threatening to take our hearts and shut them down

What is the light that burns so bright?

It keeps us up

Ringing in our eyes when we’re trying to sleep

Dashing in our brains

Lightening flashes of irrational thoughts

Dancing like sun flares blinding the mind

How do we come back?

And drift into the wash of quiet a day well spent

To tear down the brambles of inner anguish

Smoothing a peaceful path with widening hope

Turning our head up and breathing bright brilliance

Slowly then the confusion recedes

Water washing back towards expansive seas

We wake

To a new and clear day



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