Poem: Betrayal

Walking into a conspiracy of souls,

Their hunched backs to me with hushed voices—

A thousand hearts beat in my stomach

As I stop    dead     in    my     path


The pulling and pitting,

Forever questioning how others can purr

So genuinely to another

Then scratch and claw until flesh lays open


Twisted and brambles inside

Thorns underneath roses lay

Drawn by the smell can be tempting

To those naïve


Wounds and scars dripping sap

From years of birds pulling bugs from within

But the bark continues to wrap around

Each hole and dent



Wind slamming into skin

Lungs gasping at hope

Turning my body into sunlight

I return time and time again



2 thoughts on “Poem: Betrayal

  1. Hmmm, I’m not sure who left this comment because it said I did?? Whoever did it, can you please let me know because I would love to know who loves me 🙂

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