Poem: Slumber

full moon 1

Slippery slumber

Like overcooked spaghetti falling through a slatted spoon

Or a slimy slug leaving greasy trails upon organic debris

My conscious mind blinks in and out

Behind clouds of dreams

Renditions of memories painted in Dali-like melt

Dripping with ghosts of ancestors long gone

And faces in cities I’ve never been

Appearing in alleyways and stairwells

Haunting and hunting

Or sometimes known to me

Following me into visions of fields dotted with windswept grass

Never do I rest

In peace

While in my sacred bed

My body feels the gravitational pull of earth

I travel to places strange and unfamiliar

It leaves me weary and weak

And rarely refreshed

At moments though when apparitions appear

Those once loved

These moments transport spirits and meld time

Upon waking and shaking the feeling

As though they are still here

I wonder

If sleep

Is really just a doorway

Into another realm


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