Poem: Too Far Gone

When I was watching the Twilight Zone the other night

And Rod’s liquid voice

The episode with three motorcycle aliens trying to take over earth

Mostly because of how awful we are

How violent and hateful

Destroying our planet

These dudes were going to poison the water

So their race could inherit the earth

All this in black and white

A long time ago

Before terror struck

And the only pain suffered in a marathon was at the 20 mile mark

Where you could go into a kosher deli to buy a bagel

And come out alive

Or go to first grade and not be shot

Or take the elevator to work

And not leave by jumping out a window because a plane flew into the building

When people could have magazines or tell jokes without fear of

Losing their life

Were these aliens right?

Are they here now and see what we do?

I see what we do and wonder

Do we deserve this planet?

Some days crippled by what I hear

Stopping in my tracks

Because all I can do is weep

There was one alien that met a girl

She was good

He tried to tell the home ship that some humans were

But they wouldn’t believe

We were too far gone they said

Too many were bad

Are they right?



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