Poem: Pearls


I am not a Poet like you

Making words leap from the page

Like a gazelle

To be caught

By my hungry and wishful hunter’s ear

And strung together

Pried from an oyster

Creating a gem

How do you find these words?

I learned them too

In schools and essays

Teachers tugging them from my weary brain

Black scribbles on white paper

Staring at me trying to make sense

But yours are different

They rearrange themselves

Like intricate ice patterns on glass

Beautiful, yet transparent

I am not a poet like you

Yet continuing to listen, love and learn

Some days just sitting spellbound

At the simplicity your poetry

Paints in my heart



4 thoughts on “Poem: Pearls

  1. Thanks…I keep fumbling along and now and again hope to have a decent one. But then I hear a ‘real’ poem and am blown away! Ha ha. But I won’t give up! People like you keep me encouraged! I really appreciate it.

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