Symbiotic Tie

best friend


I saw this today as I was thinking of my blog post and googling ‘protection’. Yup, it seemed about right, although I’m usually non-violent. But recently my best friend (and chosen sister) and I have been each going through some hard things. We each have our allotted time to speak about our stuff to each other: first one, then the other. It’s obvious who is the person speaking, because they are often sad, upset, cranky or even depressed. The issues that run in our lives are not usually new, and we seem to loop around them quite frequently with each other.

They are no different from anyone else’s issues: work and co-workers, ex’s, other ‘friendships’ or our own complicated journey on this planet. The interesting thing is that even though the speaker may be down and sad while telling their tale of woe, the minute the other one begins to share, demeanor changes–for both of us. Somehow, for the initial person, she can gather strength, resolve, anger (if appropriate) and energy to deal head on with the second person’s dilemma. Her issue becomes secondary for a bit.

It’s quite an interesting phenomena to witness and participate in and happens almost without fail. Certainly there are times that one person’s troubles are too grave to bring your own to the table, but this is usually sensed and obvious. But for the most part, it’s give and take–she has my back, I have hers. And for me, having no blood sister or brothers, this is such a comfort.

When I am feeling broken, lost, confused or just needing someone to stand up for me–it’s good to know I have someone who will puff up, get on her warrior gear and go to battle. If something happens to me, she knows the stories and will be there to pick up the pieces and give the proper people a piece of her mind…and Goddess help them!

So not only do we help each other by being there for one another, but by virtue of this special bond and fierce protective nature of our friendship, we naturally come out of our own funks when we listen (and therefore prepare to help) to the other person’s story. It’s the symbiotic tie that holds us together.

Hopefully this bond will never be put to the test in a physical sense by anyone because we are like Mama bears. Words may be enough to scare anyone away. Don’t mess with us! Because two of us together are like vinegar and baking soda–we’re going to fizz up and boil over and anyone trying to get in our way will be left empty.


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