Photo : The Battle


The flea battle has been waged in earnest today.  Oh we have been fighting minor ones for weeks now, trying everything we read and hear about. I’ve spent a small fortune between the all natural remedies (which completely don’t work I’m sad to say), to the more powerful stuff. We even hand pick them off reminder of the day when my youngest got head lice from school. Gross. We have done full house evacuations and spraying, tossed out their beds and vacuumed over and over. But these creatures will inherent the earth. Unless today’s remedy takes hold. It’s bizarre and I don’t like it but drastic measures were in order. It’s a pill they take from the vet. The fleas die on them. Then a spray from the vet too. Lots of dead ones and as you can see the itchiest pup appears to be resting comfortably for the first time in weeks! Let’s keep our fingers and paws crossed! And pray we all don’t get cancer instead from the spray….


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