Photo: Christmas Day


Today was an interesting Christmas day. It didn’t really feel like Christmas, maybe because my kids are older, maybe cause it’s Wednesday and I had to work the day before and after. Maybe the spirit just doesn’t move me as much anymore? I’m not sure, but I still try to dig deep to get some of the feelings to rise to the surface.

I’m a gift giver every day of the week and don’t need a special holiday to tell me to give. A co-worker told me the other day that I was ‘sucking up’ to two important people in the world of emergency medicine because I gave them each a gift! I found that statement rather offensive. Partly because this person ‘sucks ups’ to our Chief all the time, but also because they obviously miss the whole point of giving.

I tried to explain that it has nothing to do with that, but rather has to do with thanking someone and with respect. But I’m sure my words were lost on this person. Funny, but I pointed out that I gave him a gift too and I certainly have no need to suck up to him!

But today had its good points: two of my three daughters were home for a bit and we opened a small amount of gifts. No-one seemed to mind that there was nothing big or special this year. My youngest and I each gave the other a pottery cup from the same artisan obtained from a craft fair. That was very cool. We have the same taste. She also knit her boyfriend a lovely stocking that was ‘commissioned’ by me, and I stuffed it. But then she surprised me and made me one too! I was stunned and happy, but also surprised since no-one ever gets me a single stocking stuffer! But I have one heck of a stocking now! And it was the first year in forever my middle daughter was actually able to purchase gifts for us since she’s working at Wal-mart! She was very proud. So was I.

And then they were off into their other lives and I actually skipped off to do something too. It was rather cool that I actually had something to do! Usually I sit home Christmas day and do nothing. So maybe this is the year of good things. I hope so.

It’s been a tough year for the world: the weather has been wild, wracking havoc on the world. There have been wars and conflicts that have killed millions. Hunger and poverty, and other human tragedy beyond belief still runs rampant.

Here I sit, so insulated by my cozy pellet stove, with a full stomach, knowing my children are OK, with dogs that eat better that most children in the world! I pray for things to change, and world leaders to come to their senses and stop putting innocent people in their path of political foolishness. Hope that they begin to realize there are other ways to solve differences and conflict besides war.

So my holiday and New Year wishes are not only for myself and my family, but more far-reaching: I hope the peace that I have found in my soul this year is a peace I can spread. And that someday all humans can live with the same comforts, security and joy that I am so blessed to have.

Merry Christmas


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