Photo : Heron Poop

image   So I was out walking my dogs early this am. I wear glasses and don’t have the best eyesight. We were headed towards our lake like we always do. Way up ahead I noticed a rather large bird lumbering across the road. I figured it was one of the mallards that have come back home after the winter away. There was a pair recently floating around in the little outlet area. There’s even some pictures I posted on here that came out rather looking more like paintings I thought than photos. Kind of cool. Anyway, as the dogs and I approached, the bird had crossed the road, so I thought nothing of if because I figured it just hopped into the outlet to swim away. But as we got closer to the area, making our usual racket (I have a beagle) my HUGE returning heron from last year took lumbering flight. It was a beautiful sight, but too quick to pull out my phone as my dogs wrapped their leashed around my legs. Darn! As I sadly turned and headed towards home mulling over the missed opportunity for a lovely photo-op, I noticed this shot on the ground! The tell-tale sign that I really did see this majestic creature cross the road. That it wasn’t my imagination that a heron would walk across a road like some pigeon. Nope, there it was, proof positive: a big pile of bird guano! So there you have it fellow bloggers! My heron picture for today. Maybe sometime I will be luckier and catch its better side 🙂


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