Poem: Just Live

Struggling, dying, dead

My friends in stages of engagement

With this cell creating creature

That one day visits

As you wash your breast

Or your stomach hurts

The Doctor calls back

And says see us in the morning

My friend with no hair

Or my other friend

With the wig

The same one she wore

In her coffin

And my other friend in hospice

Where no-one comes anymore

You don’t wake up

When I come to visit

The diapers…

They talk about Lance

What he did bad

But he did good too

I wonder about it

Will it be me next?

Do we all wonder

Like I do?

Where does it come from?

How does it start?

My friends were good.

They didn’t smoke

But it curled around them

Sank into them

Bit into them and took a bite

I want to be free

I want to hide

But I worry

And this makes it see me

It can grow strong from worry

I play hide and seek

But I stay hidden

Hope it doesn’t find me

Ignore too much

Play pretend

Keep my fingers crossed

Dot my T’s

Feel my breasts

Hope for the best

And just live….


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