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Poem: Daughter

When I look at me

I’m not sure

What I see

But when I look

At you

I see me

The feeling I have

Swirls like a nebula

Twirling inside

Like finding that

Lost ring


Seeing something shiny

Deep in a pond

And finding

Sunken treasure

When you hurt

My heart

Churns like

An over-heated pot

Of oatmeal

Gurgling with heat

And slopping over

It’s bursting side

Spilling everywhere

With mess

When joy lights

Your blue eyes

And they look back

At my blue eyes

The world feels

Like a boat catching a

Steady breeze in its sail

Casting easily across

The waters

And when you are far

I ache

As one torn by


My body left

Wounded and alone

Bleeding and lost

You are a part

A beat

My essence

The undercurrent

Blended yet separate

Teacher or pupil

Mother and Child

Life never the same

I gave you life

You keep me















Poem: Boston Strong!

Last year terror struck
Today running strong crowds came
Fear not~ Boston lives!



Every year around Earth Day, my town does a cool thing: they provide these blue bags for residents to collect litter on the side of the road. But better than that, after it’s filled up with garbage, you can simply leave it and the town will pick it up. They do this for 2 or so weeks. The rest of the year, you’re on your own if you want to be a good Samaritan–and mind you, many of us are in my neighborhood. But those of us that are, are then left to bring the bags to the recycling center.

Today, when I filled two of these bags, which I did on my own (you can collect with a group), I was awash with a mix of emotions. It ranged from anger, pride, disgust, annoyance, dismay, hope and sadness.

Fifty years ago, when I was a teenager, I participated in the very first Earth Day. Back then I was a kid and it was a fun thing to do, but I had no real sense of the long-term impact of what I might be doing. Although I was a person that did have certain leanings, even then, I can’t say that I felt the same passion about the planet that I do today. But the seed was planted.

As I walked outside on this lovely New England today, I reflected on how much hasn’t changed in these 50 years. That we still have to go around and pick up after other people who continue to toss their garbage outside as they drive along. I guess I was kind of dumbfounded. I did a survey of what I picked up and here were the top findings:

1. Soda cans

2. Alcohol bottles

3. Fast food garbage: bags, plasticware, boxes etc.

4. Cigarette boxes/cigarette butts

5. Coffee styrofoam cups or plastic cups

6. Candy wrappers

7. Plastic bags

I found this rather interesting. It’s tempting to make a judgement here, but I won’t. You all can make your own. I personally keep a garbage bag in my car. I’m not sure I can understand what possesses someone to toss something out the window? Why, if you are eating fast food, you can’t simply wait until you get where you are going to dispose of your waste there?

Remember the days where there was a deposit on bottles? Then people didn’t just toss them! They would go around TRYING to find them so they could make a buck! Maybe these coffee places should make more of an effort to make everything recyclable if their some¬†clientele may just throw stuff out their windows? Like those recyclable peanuts they use to wrap things–could this same material be used for iced coffee?

But what it comes down to is a change in attitude. I do see it in the grocery store. Thirty years ago I was the only one bringing in my own bags–now I see lots of folks doing it AND the stores promoting it! Some even give you a discount if you have them! Maybe coffee shops could do this by telling you to bring your own drinking cup and get a discount? Or you could get a card that would get stamped every time you had your own cup. Eatable candy wrappers? Deposits back on bottles? Come on people, this is America! We have to be smart enough to figure out how to make this better!

When a bagger in the grocery store still rolls their eyes at me when they have to pack my bags (which is rare now), I tell them (because they are usually young), hey I’m doing this for you! The less garbage we all produce, the longer this earth will be here for you. Does it sink in? Maybe not. But it makes me feel better to say it.

Photos: Chilling Chimes








This lovely spring day
Not green but glass is budding
Bloom into brew

If I could be like a

Soppy sponge

Soaking up all the pain

Of my dear ones

Sucking away

The slithering cells

Bent on takeover

If I could ease

This battle

Help win the war

Shield my loves through

Weary wages

And lay my body

Upon their tired souls

Pulling every last drop

Of sick from them

If I could be like a

Pulpous moss

Soaking sneaking creeping


That cripple break and hinder

My love’s souls

These wormy slithering words

That dance in their minds

And tell them

What I know

Is not true

Ah to drag those

Thoughts by their

Wriggling tails away, away

And if I were like a

Deep vast well

To be filled

With my sweet’s woes

The intertwined

Connections of their

Love and sadness

Their loss and grief

Give it to me

To be their warden

The bearer

To stand steadfast

For them

While they





And weep

It will be my quest

To remain

Ever porous

To their needs

A open armed bowl

Ready to hold

All that wounds

My dears

Photos: Depths







Photos: Shifting





Home today…mental health day after yet another miserable day at work caused by others. I’m resting and thinking once again about the future.

Something is afoot. I’m feeling it. If I had someone to read my astrology chart, I believe they would say times they are a-changin’. And I believe good things are ahead.

Already some people are back in my life that I know will be making a difference. A dear friend just returned from his two plus years in the Peace Corps. We were thick as thieves before he left, but could not be as in touch while he was in Africa. I’m delighted to have him back.

A less close pal has also drifted into my life, and we speak almost daily too. This has been a calming influence on my life in time where I have needed it. And there have been deepening relationships with other old and dear friends that just continue to grow, ripen and blossom.  New friendships too, sprung from this very blog, are cherished even though I may never actually meet these wise and funny people.

So I am comforted by the fact my life is shifting. And moves that are to make for peace in my life must be made now. I’ve been nervous to do so before because of lack of confidence, or simply resting in the status quo of my daily grind. But now I must take the leaps.

I’m putting my faith in the fact that nothing has to be finite. Any change I make can be unmade. Some not so easily, but forging forward is sometimes just what needs to be done. My mother used to say: when one door closes, another opens. Sometimes in ways we don’t even imagine.

I certainly hope she was right.

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